Panic! At The Disco Forever In My Heart

you ever heard a band that presents a disco music but wrapped on rock music, plus the addition of their stage style character who shows the situation in the order old style circus and grooming them. yes you are right, this is the band who music style emo rock band, which has left two personnel, ryan ross and jon walker (who founded the young veins) i look they leave panic! because ryan ross (as a co-founder of panic! at the disco with spencer smith) want to be a lead singer. now brendon urie and spencer smith currently working on a new album, which is their third album. I’m sure this album will be very horrendous.

oh.. yes,  ever you’ve heard their first album, very rocky(or disco-style panic itself hehe..:)). A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out which I interpret as music criticism for whom either. or you’ve heard their second album (welcome to the sound of)pretty odd which old musical style. oh I really really impressed with their musical expertise, which dynamic and ever new (in their version). if you search on google with keywords just ‘panic‘, definitely google engine will direct you to the website or the description of this band.

piece of the story of my meeting with the band, at that time I saw an ad for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia concert that will bring panic( in television), at the time heard the only word “Id chime it Heard of” , I was smitten with this band, just direct me to a web browser and I type the keyword panic! at the disco on google and the first time I get is not the song ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ but ‘camisado’. oh,it turns out that song, and this song is also nice. I simply find another song one by one and sorted according to albums (you know how tired I am hehe) because at that time I do not know if I can directly download the full album. at that time I found the song ‘behind-the-sea’ which at that time I was confused because the band does have a number of albums. I direct towards wikipedia, and sure enough at that time they already had two studio albums. which is very different with their first album. without much talk I directly download the second album (by downloading one by one song). then I listen again at home, I am smitten with this album. to the extent that my friends get bored, and asked me, why I like this band. I finally explained my excitement and I also play the songs of panic! at the disco which in the end he also likes. turns out he’s also got a virus panic hehehe.

who do not know about panic at the disco is very ancient. music is fun and makes your head shake(Or nod-nod (because of rock music mixed with disco music) yes hehe :D) anyway.


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